Teakettle Junction Productions provides a number of writing, editorial and creative services to clients across a variety of industries. Our clients include business consultants and entrepreneurs; salon owners and sales professionals; industry   trainers and public school educators; as well as real estate, travel, tourism and healthcare providers. Just a few of the projects we’ve worked on recently include ghostwriting and book rewrites, client communication, B2B sales, scripts (for commercials, webinars and client relations), educational and training materials, and marketing materials tailored to your industry and to fit your need. Best of all, we turn in clean copy on time every time.

If you’re here looking for Jason Frye, travel writer and Moon Guidebook author, that’s over at Tar Heel Tourist. And if you’re after Jason Frye, editor and story doctor extraordinaire, visit my site Red Pen Blue Pen. Otherwise, read on and see how TKJ can serve your copywriting needs.


Do you know your stuff but need a professional writer to help you tell your story the right way? That’s where a ghostwriter comes in. Through interviews with you and by reviewing your notes and source material, I can ghostwrite anything from a book-length piece to whitepapers to articles for industry magazines and newsletters.

To date, I’ve ghostwritten four books, executed rewrites on three and have authored countless industry pieces.

Client Communication

Year-end letters, notes to investors or residents, community newsletters, email check-ins, friendly reminders or anything else you’d like to say to your clients or stakeholders, I can help craft. With the right word choice we can prompt their decision making and help make your desired outcomes more likely and keep those all important relationships on good footing.

Sales and Marketing

Whether you need a series of emails promoting your new campaign, product or service, or you want to develop a phone/SMS script to use to spread the word, Teakettle Junction is here. We’ll position your message to maximize its impact and drive, and deliver the results you desire.

Script Writing

Why write to your clients when you could talk to them? That’s the philosophy behind some online videos, but it’s the wrong one. The right approach blends your knowledge and passion with careful word choice and a compelling structure that conveys your message crisply and concisely. This applies to webinars — keep the content fresh throughout and you’ll have viewers who are engaged from the start and stay engaged through the end — instructional films and announcements of new products and services. No matter the length or subject, we keep your tone in line with your brand and your outcomes.

Educational and Training Materials

Launching a product with an educational component or just need to improve your current training materials? Teakettle Junction has a background in education and Jason Frye is a former educator and Teacher Consultant for the National Writing Project, and for several years has leveraged this knowledge to help create and refine educational training programs for small to medium businesses, new business owners, and industry veterans looking to sharpen their game.