About Us

I’m Jason Frye and I think there’s no place finer for a freelance writer than North Carolina. Coming here from Virginia by way of West Virginia in 2002 to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, I found a place as inspiring as the mountains I knew growing up. After graduating in 2005 I stuck around. North Carolina had become my muse and my desire to explore the history, food, people and nature of my new home state took over. Now I have the best job of all – telling stories about a place and a people I love.

Teakettle Junction is a real place. It’s in the Cottonwood Mountains in Death Valley National Park and marks an intersection that has a dubious history. One story says a teakettle was placed at the intersection to mark the turnoff leading to mines in the surrounding hills. According to another tale, the teakettle marks a nearby spring where early automobile travelers could refill their overheating radiators.

No matter the story, Teakettle Junction inspires me and has become the place I go to write. Wherever I am, if I close my eyes I can smell snow blowing down from Tin Mountain, feel the cool high-desert air and it whispers down the draws and canyons, and I see that high blue sky overhead, not unlike my sky here in North Carolina.

With Teakettle Junction, I’ve found a number of ways to help spread your word through high-quality writing; from freelance magazine features to ad headlines to assisting aspiring authors reach their goals, I’ve done it. Need a feature for your magazine? Head to the portfolio under Journalist and Photographer and see what I’ve done for others. Out of ideas for ad headlines? Find what I’ve come up on other campaigns under Copywriter. Need help telling, starting or refining your story? Creative Consultant. Want to get your message in front of a freelance writer and journalist like me? Take a seat in PR 101 and see what I can do for you.