About TKJ

I’m Jason Frye and I’m Teakettle Junction Productions. Seems strange for a one-man shop to name his business something like Teakettle Junction, but I did and when you hear the story, you’ll see it makes sense.

See, I’m creative — a poet looking for the perfect image, a writer trying to find a new story to tell and a photographer trying to get better at showing others the way I see the world — and when I was in graduate school I went to Death Valley National Park to research the place and its history as part of a long poetry project. While I was there, high in the Cottonwood Mountains heading to Racetrack Playa, a dry lakebed littered with stones that move with the wind and have puzzled geologists for a century, I saw the sun reflecting off something in the distance. After miles of puzzling over this strange heliographing reflection, I saw the source: a signpost festooned with teakettles.

This was Teakettle Junction.

There are conflicting stories as to the origin, but no matter if you believe a teakettle was left at this high-dessert junction to indicate the turnoff leading to mines in the hills or that a teakettle was left here near a spring so that early automobile travelers could refill overheating radiators, travelers from the world over come here and leave a tribute in the form of a teakettle.

The allure and beauty of this place has visitors driving for hours over rough roads through an inhospitable landscape to find this very spot, to stand in the thin air, surrounded by mountains and Joshua trees, and be changed just by being here. This is a powerful notion and I wanted to somehow tap into that energy.

So I started Teakettle Junction. With every project, I try to put a piece of this place into the words I use and the stories I tell. I try to craft a message that draws people to it like Teakettle Junction draws travelers like me: ones who find beauty in the small things (like the perfect word or a comma placed just so) and who will come away transformed by what they’ve experienced.

It seems like I took the long way around to tell you this: Teakettle  Junction is here to serve your writing needs whether you need snappy ad copy, a rousing speech, a commercial script or a keen eye to help you tell your story in the right way.