PR 101

Cheerleader. Champion. Counselor. You’ll need all three for an effective PR campaign.

Press Releases and pitches to journalists can be the difference between a front running company and the rest of the pack. With PR 101, Teakettle Junction offers businesses the tools to write their own press releases and pitches with the security of knowing a professional is there when you need them. Or let us take charge of your PR campaign while you do what you do best – run your business.

Creative Consultant

Need to set your story straight?

Teakettle Junction offers literary critiquing, editing and manuscript consultation services for authors with a manuscript in any stage of development. I work with authors from the inception of their idea all the way up to publication, assisting with proofreading, editing and story development along the way.

Don’t have a manuscript but want to explore creative writing? I offer classes, one on one coaching sessions and in-depth writing discussions to help you tell the best story you can.

Creative Consultation services include:
  • Classes with writing exercises and readings designed to make you think about the elements of a story differently
  • One-on-one coaching to help you discover your voice
  • Proofreading and editing services of manuscripts of any type, any length
  • Story development that will help your characters shine, your plot move and untie any knots in your story

Fees for manuscripts are based on wordcount and vary by project. Coaching sessions and classes carry one time fees. Packages are available.

Interested? Tell me a little about your project, goals and what you’d like to see out of your writing


Creative thinking, clever copy.

Communicating your businesses’ message efficiently and effectively every time should be at the top of your list. That’s where I come in. Advertising taglines, headlines and concepts? No problem. Newsletters, training material and other internal communication pieces? Got it covered. Client communication, end-of-quarter or end-of-year letters, speeches? I’m here to help.

On the Corporate Copywriter Portfolio page you’ll find the clips and links that prove I’m your man.


It’s just like hunting – if it stays still long enough, I’ll shoot it.

I’m the writer who always has a camera and is ready to capture the moment on paper and in pixels. From time to time I’m asked to shoot my own stories and I always do my best. Take a look at the photography I’ve supplied alongside my stories here.

Travel Writer

I live to write about anything from bacon to Bald Head Island for magazines, blogs and newspapers.

I love to tell a story, and as a freelance writer that’s what I do. With assignments from magazines like AAA, VisitNC.comhavenOur StateNorth Brunswick Magazine, I get the opportunity to meet new people, taste new food, go to amazing places and write about it.

As the Hospitality Columnist and stringer for the Greater Wilmington Business Journal I went behind the scenes in local businesses to tell their stories from a perspective most people never see.

As a food writer and restaurant critic, I explore the culinary world around me, broadening my understanding of the flavors and techniques that make food, wine, beer and spirits into more than sustenance.

To take a look at my portfolio of freelance magazine features, reporting and blog posts, follow the link to the Freelance Journalist and Photographer Portfolio.

























personality profiles, historical narratives and business profiles to food, wine, beer, art and literature.