North Brunswick Magazine: Mayor Robert Cruse

How does Robert Cruse, mayor of the small community of Sandy Creek in Brunswick County, North Carolina, face the challenges presented to the town he loves? With help. This installment of the mayors of north Brunswick County focuses on Sandy Creek’s challenges and how Mayor Cruse relies on his fellow mayors to help out.

North Brunswick Magazine: Mahanaim Adventures

Don Harty’s two passions – the outdoors and his faith – intersect with his business Mahanaim Adventures. As a kayaking and backpacking outfitter, he finds that exploring nature puts him closer to God and closer to himself, and he tries to give his clients the same experience. I wrote and shot this story.

North Brunswick Magazine: Mayor Jack Batson

Profile of North Carolina Mayor by Freelance Writer Jason Frye

Jack Batson, Mayor of the town of Belville in Brunswick County, North Carolina, faces a number of challenges in office, but he’s got support from four other area mayors. In this installment of a series on each of the five mayors in the area, Batson talks about the challenges unique to Belville and how he and his town council approach them.

North Brunswick Magazine: Bobby Harrelson

Bobby Harrelson grew up hard but with a strong work ethic. As he grew into a man he used that work ethic to build a real estate empire, eventually founding Waterford, one of the most successful developments in Brunswick County, North Carolina.